1. "Treat her like you’re still trying to win her, and that’s how you’ll never lose her."
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    kids books, reimagined for 20-somethings

    are you there god? its me the crushing doubt that you exist

    This is utterly genius

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    As a 19-year-old sophomore at Stanford, Elizabeth Holmes decided to transform diagnostic medicine so she dropped out of college and used her tuition money to start her own company, Theranos. Ten years later, Holmes, pictured here holding a micro-vial, is on the cutting edge of medical technology — her new blood testing method allows hundreds of tests to be run using only a few drops of blood. And, Holmes’ methods are cheaper, faster, more accurate, and less invasive than conventional methods which often require a separate vial of blood for every test.

    As Holmes told Wired.com earlier this year, “I started this company because I wanted to spend my life changing our health care system. When someone you love gets really sick, most of the time when you find out, it’s too late to be able to do something about it. It’s heartbreaking… We wanted to make actionable health information accessible to people everywhere at the time it matters most. That means two things: being able to detect conditions in time to do something about them and providing access to information that can empower people to improve their lives.”

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    Reasons you should adore Elizabeth Holmes:

    • She is featured as Forbes’ youngest self-made woman billionaire.
    • Her tests will revolutionize the public health world as we know it; Making diagnostic testing accessible and affordable for more people (and potentially saving Medicare and Medicaid ~$100 billion each over the next decade). (x)
    • She is a coauthor on 82 US and 189 foreign patent applications. (x)
    • Her fear of needles served as a motivator for launching Theranos. (x)

    Fantastic! <3

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    Body comparisons. 

    this makes me feel alive

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    Be careful. What slumbers there… is not human.

    One of my absolute favorite movie creatures.

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    Fox News shocked that Harvard students think the US is a greater threat to world peace than ISIS. Students who don’t agree with Fox are ‘twisted’, elitist and wrong apparently. 


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    "Gulabi Gang" is a gang of women in India who track down and beat abusive husbands with brooms.

    this is too thug not to reblog

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    shots fired

    rockets launched

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    catsbeaversandducks:My Adopted Cat Is The Best Climbing Partner Ever

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    I think I’ve reblogged this before bUT I DONT CARE ITS SO CUTE

    a good cat supervises their human during their outings in the wilderness

    This could turn into a disney movie, and I want it

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    "Cat? No, it’s your best friend."
    F30 canvas(727mm × 910mm). Acrylic paint. 300,000 yen

    YouTube : http://youtu.be/jlrFfpaIj-o
    Blog : http://madoka07.blogspot.jp/2014/10/canvas-art-hello-kitty.html

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    holy shit

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