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    a set of victorian houses

    ya they look cool but u kno they haunted as shit

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    A pussy and a cock? What??

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    Because I’ve missed diner nights with my sugar cube.
    So much coffee, card-playing and dominoes.



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    My Dad isn’t a bad person, he’s just… old fashioned.

    This is so much the outlook by many men on a woman’s hormonal fluctuation. As if there is no control. No matter what, women cannot have control of their bodies.

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    1. Male Customer: *takes me by the elbow, and slides hand up my bicep* Excuse me sweetheart, can you tell me where-
    2. Me: *Grabs his wrist with my other hand (gently) and moves it away from me* Please, don't touch me.
    3. Male Customer: Jesus, fine. *rips hand out of my hand* I was just asking for directions. No need to be a bitch about it. *looks at my manager* Are all your employees this rude?
    4. Male Manager: Only when creepy drunk guys think they're entitled to touching them.
    5. *Employee only fist bump*


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    Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson #tylerknott



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    storm over the serengeti. photos by nick nichols

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    Nintendo 64 start screen montage. 

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    Oops, accidentally deleted this last night. The booty is back.

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  14. Southeast Asia

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